Product Description

Videophone M-75SD Touch Plastic White

Display: colour 7.0” TFT Touch screen

Resolution: 800х480

Support call panels, CCTV camera: supports two call panels
and two CCTV cameras

Support monitor (intercom), pcs.: 4

Interface languages: English, Slovak, Czech, Polish, Russian

Housing material: plastic

Size, mm: 237.9×144.1×19.5

Operating temperature: +10 – +50 °C

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Download datasheet Videophone M-75SD Touch Plastic White

Video calling panel D-200S

Colour: silver

Resolution: high resolution for detailed picture

Lens: normal angle

Night vision: up to 3m

Housing material: solid metal

Power supply: DC 12V/0.2А ( from monitor )

Size, mm: 140x45x40 

Operating temperature: -40 – +60 °C

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DOWNLOAD DATASHEET Video calling panel D200S